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From left to right: Court Beamish (Vice Chair), Faizal Kanji (presenter), Mark Scanlon (Chair), Wade Zwicker (CSCE VP - Administration Coordinating Committee), D. Philip Alex (CSCE VP - Western Region), Jim Gilliland (CSCE President), and Vahid Ayan (Hist

Stopping by the Section's Dinner Meeting on March 16th were CSCE President Jim Gilliland, Vice President (Administration Coordinating Committee) Wade Zwicker, and Vice President (Western Region) D. Philip Alex (Alex). Many thanks to Faizal Kanji P.Eng. from the City of Edmonton for his presentation on Recycled Materials in Transportation Infrastructure! Many thanks as well to all of the graduate students who participated in the Poster Contest which was also held at the Dinner Meeting, and to the winners of the Larry Gerard Paper Contest. What a busy night!

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