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Founded in 1887 by prominent Civil Engineers in Canada, the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering (CSCE) is a learned society intended to develop and maintain high standards of civil engineering practice in Canada and to enhance the public image of the civil engineering profession.

The Edmonton Section is one of many local chapters from across the country. The Edmonton Section holds a variety of technical professional development events for the engineering community.

  • Monthly Dinner Presentations
  • Technical Tours and Site Visits
  • Short Courses and Workshops
  • Networking Events
  • Young Professional Events

Join us and connect with the professional civil engineering community!


The objectives of the Section shall be to promote, within Edmonton and Northern Alberta, the objectives and interests of the Civil Engineering profession as defined in the Letters Patent of the Society, namely:

1- to set and maintain high professional standards regarding the practice of civil engineering

2- to facilitate the acquisition and the interchange of technical knowledge among its members

3- to enhance the usefulness of the engineering profession

4- to collaborate with universities and other educational and research institutions in the advancement of knowledge relating to civil engineering

5- to co-operate with other technical societies for the advancement of the engineering profession

6- to encourage research with respect to the study, development and conservation of Canadian and world resources and with respect to the preservation of the environment in Canada and the world in areas related to civil engineering

7- to support the objectives and broad programs of the Engineering Institute of Canada federation related to national and international issues of a social, CSCE Edmonton Section Bylaws Page 2 of 9 Updated March 2004 economic, political and legal nature and of human concern relevant to engineering

8- to co-operate with civil engineering and other related professional societies in other countries in the interchange of membership and technical information

National Strategic Directions

In June 2012, the Board of Directors approved the following three Strategic Directions for CSCE. These three Strategic Directions will be integrated into all aspects of CSCE’s operation over the coming years. This section of the website will report on progress made in the implementation of actions that support the Strategic Directions:

1. Enhanced Services To Members
CSCE will provide services and benefits to members within all areas of civil engineering activity, targeted to their specific career development needs

2. Growing With Youth
CSCE will develop programs and benefits that will support students and Young Professionals, targeted to their specific career development needs

3. Leadership In Sustainable Infrastructure
CSCE will influence how public infrastructure in Canada is planned, designed, constructed and maintained

Vision 2020 August 2012 Communication to Members

Discussion document from Premiers’ meeting on Infrastructure – August 6, 2014

Report from Asset Management Roundtable – March 19, 2015

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering with the CSCE Edmonton Section is an incredible way to build your network in the Edmonton engineering community. The Edmonton Executive is a small group of engaged professionals who meet on a monthly basis to facilitate the planning and delivery of the yearly program.

There are opportunities to get involved as a Member at Large, or to take on a formal role in one of the elected positions. For information about our current volunteer opportunities, visit the Current Executives page.

To get involved, contact chair@csceedmonton.ca.

CSCE Edmonton Bylaws

The Bylaws for the Edmonton Section were approved in March 2004.