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Mission Statement

The CSCE Young Professional Group's focus is to provide learning and social activities for young members of the Civil Engineering profession. A "Young Professional" is defined as any professional under the age of 40, who is in the first 10 years of their civil engineering career. 

Why Join this Young Professional Group?

There are many young professional groups out there, all with a variety of focus points. Our focus as our group continues to grow and develop is to to add value to our members to help benefit themselves and our community. To achieve this goal we strive to provide opportunities for our members to acquire new technical knowledge and better their interpersonal skills.

For the 2021/2022 season, Spencer McCann has been elected to Chair the Young Professionals. Spencer has elected to continue to focus on liaising with other Young Professional Groups to provide a lively program with maximum interaction between groups with ample opportunity to network! Because we believe there is plenty to learn from people in our industry, we will try to provide information to our members that is not only pertinent to our events, but also to other organizations. If you have a suggestion for an event or a partnership, or if you have information you think would be valuable to our members, please do not hesitate to let us know! 


The Young Professionals Group within the CSCE Edmonton Section started in 2013 as a mandate from CSCE National to increase attendance of Young Professionals in CSCE Events. Matthew Lui was the first Chair and began the group as we know it today. The events in the first year of the group were scattered and far between, but this base was crucial to the future of the group. The term "YoPro" was coined early in the creation of the group to help set the CSCE Group apart from other Young Professional groups in the Edmonton area. 

The first great success of the group was the creation of the Speed Mentoring Session. Students and young professionals were able to come together and ask a set of 13 mentors questions about working life, career progression and general questions of their personal interest in a one-on-one type atmosphere. 

In the group's second year, still under the fearless leadership of Matthew Lui, the groups leadership base grew and they were able to put on a larger array of events. Monthly Social Evenings, a curling funspeil, and the 2nd Annual Speed Mentoring Session were successfully planned and executed. The groups Third year under the co-leadership of Bryce Fulton and Brittany Sutherland saw a huge boost of success with between 1 and 2 events being held monthly. 

The CSCE YoPros are currently beginning their fourth year. Chair Bryce Fulton has been elected to continue growing the membership and number of events hosted by the Young Professionals annually.